IDOL is a tiki bar located in the heart of Belgrade.

Tiki is not just about cocktails in a bar. It's a special drinking and gastronomy cult where the main focus is on sincere, new, and unforgettable emotions. It's a portal to a tropical fairy tale.

On the cocktail menu, you will find exotic drinks based on rum, fruit juices, and house-made syrups. In our Black Book, you can discover famous tiki cocktails like the Zombie or Mai Tai, as well as innovative new drinks. A rich selection of rum is complemented by rare liqueurs and spirits.

In IDOL we are offering Chinese cuisine along with our tiki cocktails. Spicy and aromatic dishes perfectly complement vivid and fresh tiki cocktails. We create the atmosphere of a tiki bar where delicious and delightful coexists with bright and cheerful.

Design and Aesthetics

Vibrant colors, tropical plants, and imposing idols awaken the imagination. Cocktails are served in handmade mugs stylized as tiki statues. With light music from around the world, you'll forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and experience a summery relaxation.