Due to a unique mix of cultures and tastes, Chinese cuisine has become an integral part of tiki bars. Spicy and aromatic dishes perfectly complement bright and fresh tiki cocktails.

That’s why we are offering Chinese cuisine along with our tiki cocktails. Here delicious and delightful coexists with bright and cheerful. Dive into this flavourful journey with us!


Shrimp in rice paper (160g) 800
Baked potatoes with Cheddar cheese (350g) 750
Caramelized eggplant in teriyaki and sweet chili sauces (240g) 650
Cheeseballs with beacon (250g) 650
Jalapeno popcorn with cheese sauce (180g) 550
Cheese dip with bacon and nachos (320g) 700
Snack mix (cheeseballs, jalapeno popcorn, cheese dip) (500g) 1500
Sweet roll (240g) 700
Peanut Cheesecake (120g) 550


Ex-boyfriend’s cucumber (cucumbers, soy sauce, spicy sauce, garlic) (350g) 500
Black magic mushrooms (black fungus, soy sauce, spicy sauce, onion, spicy pepper) (180g) 600
Orange shrimps salad (shrimps, iceberg salad, oranges, carrot, cucumbers, cashew, sweet chili sauce) (180g) 650


Pho Bo (Beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts, cilantro, chili pepper, red onion, lime, Sriracha sauce) (600g) 850
Tom Yum (500g) 950


Sweetie chick (chicken, pineapple, sweet&sour sauce with orange essence) (300g) 850
Hot chick (chicken, Chinese spices) (210g) 700
Hen’s feathers (chicken, onion, black fungus, button mushroom)(380g) 750
Grantee GongBao’s chicken (chicken file, cucumbers, carrot, cashew, sauce) (350g) 850
“IDOL Airlines” (chicken wings, sweet chili sauce, teriyaki sauce) (300g) 850


Iron beef (beef, pepper, onion, black pepper sauce) (350g) 1500
Fried noodles with beef (noodles, beef, onion, carrot, cabbage) (400g) 700


Fishy pork (pork, Chinese cabbage, fungus, spring onions) (350g) 900
Granny Li’s treat (potatoes, pork, pepper) (380g) 750
Ribs, bye! (pork ribs, honey, Chief’s sweet sauce) (330g) 1150


Shrimp’s kingdom (shrimps, cashew, red pepper, green onion) (270g) 1600
Moon river’s fish (pangasius fish, black mushrooms, enoki, carrot, soup) (420g) 950
Sugar daddy’s shrimp (shrimps, orange sauce) (250g) 1500


Space eggplants (eggplants in garlic sauce) (400g) 700
Mother’s-in-law tofu (tofu, green pepper, red pepper, fungus) (380g) 650
Three vegan treasures (potatoes, eggplants, pepper) (350g) 600
Tornado scrambled eggs (eggs, tomatoes, chopped green onions) (400g) 550


Dumplings with beef (12 pieces) 800
Dumplings with chicken & shrimps (12 pieces) 850


Fried noodles with beef (noodles, beef, onion, carrot, cabbage) (400g) 750
Fried noodles with chicken (chicken, noodles, onion, cabbage) (400g) 650
“Doodle” noodles (fried noodles, onion, carrot, cabbage) (380g) 550
Shrimpy rice (rice, shrimps, carrot) (330g) 800
“Roast” rice (fried rice, carrot, pepper, cucumber) (300g) 400
“Beach” rice (150g) 150
“Doodle” noodles (fried noodles, onion, carrot, cabbage) (380g) 550