Imagine yourself on a Caribbean island...

The waves gently lap at your feet. You feel completely carefree with a gentle breeze in your hair. The sun is setting, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of fruits and anticipation of a hot night. The sound of the ocean is replaced by upbeat rhythms.

Now you forget about everything. All thoughts and worries fade away. There's only music and a bright taste on your lips. Isn't this paradise?

This is exactly how the founder of tiki culture, Don Beach, envisioned paradise on earth. He opened the first tiki bar in Hollywood during the prohibition era.

The idea of a heavenly place amidst the concrete jungles was so captivating that tiki culture spread far beyond the Caribbean islands.

It's this atmosphere of serenity, fun, and escapism that you can feel in a tiki bar anywhere in the world today.