IDOL’s cocktails are not just drinks. Each one represents a character and mood, an archetype and power. As our valued guest, you are embarking on a remarkable journey filled with a sequence of gastronomic discoveries.

Navigating through images, tastes, and aromas, expanding your inner horizons with each new line, we, the spirits of IDOL, believe that this journey will lead to a special sensation, a sip, an aroma — that is, everything that stays inside for many, many years.

Start on this journey!


The cocktails in this category are much more than just drinks. They are all intertwined with a single story, creating a remarkable, slightly dangerous, but hence so alluring world.

With each drink, you choose a guardian spirit to accompany you in the jungles of this evening. Here, taste and intoxication, fantasies and secrets merge into one.

Smooth immersion, Traveler!

MEKA ALOHA (Mix Rum, Blackcurrant, Coconut, Lime, Pineapple)

Spirits of the Volcano >>
An old volcano awakens after a millennium-long slumber: the bonds of ancient earth could not withstand, and hordes of spirits were set free, taking on forms, flavors, and scents. However, Meka is still smoldering, giving life to some, but to others… but more on that later.

BARON(Sherry medium, White rum, Bourbon, Coconut, Cream, Tobacco bitter)

The Proprietor >>
This spirit found itself in the body of the establishment’s owner. It’s enterprising, strong, and extremely dangerous. Even if you don’t notice him, he’s always nearby, watching over the order, the guests… and the Sweet and Dead, flickering before his eyes in the blue-gray tobacco smoke.
SWEET and DEAD(Brandy, White rum, Absinthe, Lime, Passion Fruit, Sugar, Aloe)

Dangerous Companion >>
Seduction and flirtation are not about her. Even a slight turn of her head will consume all your attention, and now you’re caught in the trap of feminine cunning. Do you want to be part of this game? You’d better run – sweet nets are set.
NAKED MONKEY(Rum, Rooibush, Liquore Galliano L’Autentico, Banana liqueur, Vanilla syrup, Lime, Fresh orange juice, Pineapple juice)

Rogue and Scoundrel >>
Where did this scoundrel get a red hat and shirt? And why does he chuckle quietly at every question? Whether to trust him or not, in any case, is for you to decide. Just be careful.
JUNGLE BIRD(Dark rum, Campari, Lime, Pineapple juice, Sugar)

Tropical Paradise >>
This spirit has not lost the ability to fly, often observing everyone from above. Over the years, wisdom came to him, and with wisdom, he learned bitterness. Don’t be afraid to ask him for advice – the truth remains as it is, whatever it may be.
EXPEDITION (Mix Rum, Bourbon, Coffee liqueur, Lime, Cinnamon, Honey, Vanilla syrup)

Hold on tight, we're setting off >>
The spirit of travel, freedom, and new discoveries. Sometimes it seems that in your dream you saw an amazing untouched place. Know – he has already been there. And he has even managed to open his own bar, where it’s easy to get drunk after one glass.
MAI TAI(Mix Rum, Triple Sec, Orgeat, Lime)

Silent and Mysterious >>
Under this cloak hides a very murky figure – either a spy or a secret agent. Rumor has it, he gathers undecided spirits from all over the world for some of his own purposes. He is silent and ambiguous to such an extent that for everyone who knows him, he appears different even for those who know him..

OLA GROGRAM (Gin, Vermouth, Pomegranate, Rosemary, Lime, Grapefruit)

To Warm and Protect >>
These undecided spirits have for some reason stolen the hot spring of eternal health. Crafty creatures – they just need to take what is poorly laid. Don’t spill a drop, because every sip is insanely important!

SINGAPORE SLING (Gin, Benedictine, Cherry liqueur, Grenadine, Triple Sec, Lime, Soda)

Legend of the Colonial Era >>
And these guys somehow got a sacred drum and are already trying to play it. Do you hear these sounds? You don’t joke around with such instruments, because what now amuses everyone around, in the next second might play on the strings of your own soul.
ZOMBIE (Mix rum, Falernum, Absinthe, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Lime, Pomegranate)

No more than two zombies in one hand >>
This spirit got unlucky – it found itself in a long-deceased pirate, miraculously preserved with whole limbs. But where’s the miracle here? The zombie is so steeped in alcohol that decomposition is not a threat. So, it wanders the world in search of an old treasure map and a drinking companion who can outdrink it.

FRIDA (Gin, Chili syrup, Species liquor, Lemongrass, Lime, Strawberry)

Dances with Death >>
She spent her life as if running a race with death, dancing with it, desperately clinging to life…. Her entire life is in one glass – the sweetness of love and the bitterness of betrayal, passion and suffering, success and disappointment. Each sip is a journey into Frida’s world.
WALTER WHITE (Rum mix, Sugar, Grenadine, Lime, Fernet Branca Menta)

Essential chemicals >>
A sinister secret unfolds before the modest chemistry teacher. Only the art of chemistry and his new alter ego know the solution. And there, clinking glass flasks, he enters the dark world of the underworld empire. The main thing – not to lose oneself!


Коктейль Кузнечик

In this section of the menu, we offer our guests the true classics. Old and well-known recipes are balanced masterpieces, faithful old friends for those moments when you don’t want experiments and innovations.

BLOODY MARY (Vodka, Tomato mix) 150 ml 700
APPLE TINI (Vodka, Apple liqueur, lime) 90 ml 700
SATURN (Gin, Lime, Passion fruit, Orgeat, Falernum) 105 ml 750
CLOVER CLUB (Gin, raspberry, lime, sugar, egg white) 125 ml 750
OLD FASHIONED  (Bourbon, sugar, bitters) 70 ml 700
AMARETTO SOUR (Amaretto, bourbon, lemon, sugar, egg white) 90 ml 850
LIMONCELLO SPRITZ (Limoncello, soda, sparkling wine) 120 ml 700
NEGRONI (Gin, Vermouth, Campari) 90 ml 850


Коктейли Sons

The section of signature drinks, created by our hands, imagination, and taste buds.

The bar will always be the heart of our craft, enticing along the winding paths of hospitality.

PASSION BEACH (Rum, passion fruit, lemongrass, lime) 125 ml 750
AZAKA (Corn infused tequila, carrot syrup, Galliano, lime) 130 ml 750
INU MATE (Gin, mix vermouth, pineapple, creole bitter) 125 ml 750
ROHI (White rum, rose vermouth, dry vermouth, lime, rose kombucha) 150 ml 900
LOKO (Gin, mix vermouth, cardamom) 150 ml 800
MARIE LAVEAU (Dark rum, pineapple, maraschino, grenadine foam) 130 ml 700
THREE IDOLS (Bush tea rum, Fresh orange juice, Vanilla syrup, Angostura, Angostura cacao, Angostura orange) 700
SWEET GIFT (Advocaat, Aperol, Grenadine, Orgeat, Lime) 125 ml 650


Безалкогольные коктейли

And here we have drinks for our young guest, a fan of sober purity, and for those who unfortunately are driving today.

PUNCHITO (Coconut, Grenadine, Cinnamon, Lime, Soda water) 290
NON-ALCHOLADA (Pineapple juice, Coconut) 290
TROPICO (Grape-fruit fresh juice, Passion fruit, Vanilla, Soda water, Grenadine) 290
LEMONGRISTO  (Lemongrass, Lime, Soda water) 290
LIMUNADA (Lemon, sugar, water) 190


In this section, you will find pure, unmixed drinks.

Price in dinars for 50 ml


Plantation Dark 390
Plantation 3 Stars 350
Cacique Anejo 380
The Infamous 1270
Goslings Black 590
Sailor Jerry Spiced 490
Balla Black 720
Bumbu Original 870
Chairman’s Spiced 460
Canerock Spiced 880
Beach House Pink Spiced 670
Beach House Gold Spiced 650
Takamaka Blanc 350
Takamaka Dark Spiced 390
Takamaka Overproof 400
Takamaka Rum Zenn 390
Takamaka Koko 360
Takamaka Zannannan 360
Negrita White 280
Negrita Dark 300
Diplomatico Mantuano 610
Bayou Spiced 480
Orion Spiced 760
Foursquare Spiced 520
Pirate’s Grog Spiced 720
Rumbullion! 940
Chairman’s Spiced 490
Boukman Botanical 1230
Cachaca Nega Fulo 370
Cachaca Aguacana 290
Cachaca Cana Rio 320


Jose Cuervo Silver 340
Jose Cuervo Reposado 370
Rooster Rojo Blanco 470


Amaro Di Angostura 380
Amaro Averna Siciliano 320
Campari 360
Brancamenta 380
Fernet Branca 370
Benedictine 490
Galliano Autentico 620
Licor 43 390
Ferrand Dry Curacao 440
Cointreau 410
Agwa de Bolivia 570
Tatratea Forest Fruit 370
Tatratea Original 390
Tatratea Peach 350
Limoncello di Capri 320
Passoa 280
Luxardo Maraschino 390
Pelinkovac 270


Sloane’s 540
135 East 490
Gin Mare 720
The Wizard Blue 650
Oslo 590
Puerto de Indias Dry 480
Puerto de Indias Strawberry 510
Citadelle Dry 520
Citadelle Jardin d’ete 550
Crafter’s Aromatic Flower 570


Redbreast 12YO 1090
Green Spot 950
Teeling Rum Cask 420
Jameson 370
Tamnavulin Sherry Cask 520
Talisker 10YO 840
Bourbon Four Roses 390
Hatozaki Blended 580


Frapin VSOP 1070
Courvoisier VS 570
Calvados Papidoux VSOP 420
Brandy Vecchia Romagna Classica 320
Pisco Demonio de los Andes Quebranta 390


Vodka Skyy 370


Kopke Dry White 260
Quinta Quinta Da Gaivosa LBV 380


Florio Dolce 270
Florio Secco 270


Cocchi Rosa 440
Cocchi Americano 440
Cocchi Vermouth di Torino 450
Dolin Blanc 270
Dolin Dry 280
La Copa Extra Seco 460

WINE (for bottle)

Ruffino Chianti Riserva Ducale 5750
Wachau Gruner Veltliner Federspiel 2021 3250